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You’ve just reached the Internet’s largest collection of premium vape juice brands. Here at our Vape Juice or Vape Juice store, we take e-liquid seriously and don’t stock our store with anything but the best. Even among the world’s best vape juice makers, though, there are a few brands that stand out above the rest because they work just a little harder and are truly serious about capturing and keeping your business. On this page, you’ll find the best of the best. These are the world’s top premium vape juice brands.Our Vape Juice or cheap vape juice for sale.

What Does Premium Vape Juice Really Mean?

The term “premium vape juice” means different things to different people. During the early years of vaping, it was pretty obvious what the premium e-liquids were – they were the e-liquids that weren’t made in China. The e-cigarette is a Chinese invention, and when vaping was still new, all vape juice was Chinese made. Smokers who switched to vaping loved it, of course, but not everyone liked the Chinese e-liquids. People tended to think that they tasted like chemicals.Eliquids or e-juice or vape juice for sale are all nicotine containing substances. By the early 2010s, domestic vape juice companies were springing up left and right. To distinguish themselves as producing e-liquids that better suited American palates, those companies often referred to themselves as “premium vape juice brands.” It wasn’t long before the word “premium” appeared on the website of virtually every American e-juice brand. So, if you’ve ever thought that the term “premium vape juice” doesn’t have quite as much impact as it used to, that’s the reason why. What actually is premium e-liquid, then? These are the features that set the premium brands apart from the rest. Our Vape Juice shop Offer the World’s Most Creative Flavor Blends The last thing that you’re going to find when you view a premium vape juice brand’s flavor selection is an e-liquid that offers just one flavor note – unless that one flavor note is something truly spectacular. For a true premium brand, the process of developing a new e-liquid flavor is a lengthy one that can take months. When you think about it, in fact, creating a great new vape juice isn’t all that different from what happens in perfumery. Let’s suppose that an e-liquid company wants to create a vape juice with the flavors of strawberries and cream. A standard e-liquid brand might use the products from just one flavor purveyor. The e-liquid maker might squirt a bit of strawberry flavor and a bit of cream flavor into a bottle, hide the vape juice’s shortcomings with a massive dose of sweetener and call it good. vape juice makers don’t rely on the heavy use of sweeteners to hide the shortcomings in their flavor blends – and even a “simple” flavor profile like strawberries and cream isn’t actually simple to an e-liquid mixologist who takes his or her job seriously. There isn’t just one flavor purveyor in the world; there are many. All of those purveyors probably offer strawberry and cream flavors, so a good mixologist will want to try them all. The perfect strawberry-and-cream e-liquid might use a strawberry note from one provider and a cream note from another provider. The perfect cream flavor for an e-liquid might actually be a blend of cream flavors from many different providers. A single vape juice from our vape juice or thc vape juice collection may go through hundreds of prototypes before it’s perfect – and once you have a perfect e-liquid, why would you want to cover your complex and expertly balanced blend with sucralose? True premium e-liquid makers don’t need to flood their products with sweeteners because their products aren’t flat and boring; they’re full of life and excitement. Our Vape Juice store Take Product Packaging Seriously If you’ve gone through all the trouble of creating the best possible rendition of a given flavor profile in e-liquid form, are you going to sell it in a cheap plastic bottle supplied by the lowest bidder? No way. Premium vape juice brands supply their products in top-quality packaging because consumers wouldn’t want it any other way. In the past, most e-liquid flavors came in glass bottles. That’s rare now. In today’s age of sub-ohm vaping, people need to refill their tanks several times per day, so most people prefer the convenience of plastic bottles. Plastic, however, doesn’t have to be cheap. You can expect a premium brand to use a bottle that’s child resistant, leak free and closed with a tamper-proof seal. You can also expect a brand to use classy, adult-oriented imagery rather than cartoon character mascots.

Best Vape Juice Is Made Under the Best Conditions

The vaping industry has matured so much over the past decade that it’s almost inconceivable to imagine today that e-liquid was once made in kitchens. E-liquid makers figured out their ratios with calculators and digital scales, and sometimes, product consistency could be a little spotty. Today, you can expect all mass-market e-liquid to be made in real labs. “Bathtub vape juice” definitely isn’t a concern anymore. There can definitely be differences in manufacturing standards, though, between the premium brands and the non-premium brands. Top-tier e-liquid makers use true ISO-certified clean room environments. They sterilize their equipment between batches and use dedicated equipment for nicotine-free e-liquids to avoid any possibility of contamination. Premium makers use batch coding to track each lot of vape juice that comes off of the production line. All of those extra steps may seem like a lot of work, but the work ensures that each of the brand’s products remain absolutely consistent from one bottle to the next.

What Are the Top Premium Vape Juice Brands?

There are a great many top-quality e-liquid brands in the world today, and it isn’t our intention to slight anyone with this list. There are, however, some brands that stand out above the rest due to the consistent quality of their products and their spectacular, nuanced flavor blends. These are the top premium vape juice brands.

Naked 100

With a presence in seemingly just about every vape shop in the country, Naked 100 E-Liquid might be America’s most popular vape juice brand. They didn’t get there by accident; the company’s packaging has set the standard for understated, adult-oriented vape marketing, and Naked 100’s commitment to quality is second to none. Naked 100 is so popular that the company has found it necessary to add authentication features to its products to help people avoid buying counterfeit e-liquid. That’s a true testament to any brand’s level of influence within its industry.

Loaded E-Liquids or Vape Juice

When it comes to flavor, Loaded E-Liquid is a very appropriate name for a premium vape juice brand because this company’s juices are legendary for the intensity of their flavors. In a world where e-liquids with sweet flavor profiles reign supreme, the folks at Loaded have made an entire career for themselves out of capturing the flavors of popular desserts like s’mores and glazed doughnuts. The public, for lack of a better term, has eaten it up. Loaded is a product of Ruthless Vapor, and that means it’s made by true veterans and industry advocates.

Air Factory Vape Juice

It’s always good advice that if you’re going to do one thing, you’d better do it well. The main theme behind most of Air Factory E-Liquid’s or Vape Juice products might sound simple on the surface, but it’s executed so well that this company really has no peer in the taffy flavor category. That’s right; Air Factory’s primary theme is that most of the company’s vape juices are designed to taste like the pieces of individually wrapped taffy that you can buy in the gas stations and convenience stores. With a flavor lineup including classics like Blue Raspberry and Mystery, Air Factory is a one-stop shop for candy vaping pleasure.

One Hit Wonder

If the name One Hit Wonder E-Liquid doesn’t stir something within you, it’s probable that you’re still somewhat new to the vaping community. With legendary e-liquids like Muffin Man, One Hit Wonder might be the vape juice brand that, more than any other, kickstarted the modern trend favoring sweet candy and dessert e-liquids. If you enjoy sweet vape juice – as almost all vapers do – you can thank One Hit Wonder in part for the fact that so many sweet flavors exist. Today’s dessert e-liquids capture the flavors of everything from muffins to doughnuts, and One Hit Wonder has a lot to do with the fact that those flavors exist.

Humble Juice Co

Although the name of the company might be Humble Juice Co, “humble” is definitely not the word that we’d use to describe this brand’s enormous selection of vape juice flavors. Humble’s flavor selection is so enormous that it can’t really be summed up in a single paragraph. If anything, we might say that Humble focuses on fruit flavors – but then you’ve got the fruit-and-ice variations, the candy flavors, the cereal flavors and so much more. It’s no surprise that many people think of Humble Juice Co first when they’re asked to identify their desert island e-liquids.

Beard Vape Co

Beard Vape Co has been around for so long that they might be the very first vape juice brand to acquire the “premium e-liquid” moniker and really keep it. Think about it; if you’ve been vaping for a while, you can probably name quite a few e-liquid brands that were the darlings of the vaping community a few years back and now either no longer exist or simply don’t have the industry-wide appeal they once enjoyed. After all of these years, though, Beard Vape Co is still around and is still thought of as one of the absolute best brands in the vaping industry. From their famous numbered e-liquid blends to the more recent The One line, Beard Vape is a company that has all of the most popular e-liquid flavor profiles covered and has even invented a few of their own.

Candy King

If you’re going to start a vape juice brand built around capturing candy flavors, why choose one brand of candy when you could choose them all? That, we imagine, must be one of the founding ideas behind Candy King E-Liquid. From the product names and flavor descriptions, we bet that you can probably guess some of the flavors captured in Candy King’s vape juices. They’re all the products you’d expect if you’re a serious candy fan, from lemon drops to sweet-and-sour gummy worms.


On this page, we’ve mentioned several premium vape juice brands that made their names in the industry by creating e-liquid product lines around specific themes. Vapetasia E-Liquid, though, is a company that essentially made its mark on the industry with a single product. Killer Kustard is Vapetasia’s defining product, and in an industry that absolutely loves the flavor of vanilla custard, Killer Kustard is probably the most famous of those juices. Its balance of cream, egg, vanilla and sugar notes is absolutely flawless.

Jam Monster

What do you like eating for breakfast? If toast is high on your list of breakfast foods, Jam Monster E-Liquid is probably going to be high on your list of premium vape juice brands. Virtually all of Jam Monster’s e-liquids focus on just one theme. Each one starts with the flavor of crispy buttered toast and finishes with the flavor of a specific type of fruit jam. With flavors ranging from apple and grape to blueberry and strawberry, Jam Monster has all of the classic breakfast toast-and-jam combinations covered.


Along with industry stalwart Beard Vape Co, Cuttwood E-Liquid is truly one of the founders of the modern premium e-liquid movement. Unlike many other vape juice brands, Cuttwood has no trouble moving with the industry’s trends. They’ve kept their products affordable by cutting prices, and when it became obvious that most members of the vaping community no longer preferred glass e-liquid bottles, Cuttwood switched to plastic. Thanks to their willingness to listen to the community and make changes when they’re required, Cuttwood has never stopped being relevant even as other brands have come and gone. That, in our opinion, is the mark of a true premium vape juice brand.