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  • white Rhrino
  • Ace of spades
  • BlueDream
  • London pound cake
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  • Wedding cake
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  • keylime pie
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Brass Knuckles vape| Brass knuckles cartridges for saleĀ 

Brass Knuckles battery is designed to utilize concentrate oil cartridges and comes in two variations of wood or gold finish. Brass Knuckles battery features 900mAh capacity with variable voltage and Preheat mode. It works like a regular vape pen battery with single button operation settings: 5-clicks will turn on or off the battery, 2-clicks will activate the Preheat mode for 10 seconds and 3-clicks will switch the voltage, LED light will change the color according to the voltage settings: Green – 2.4V | Blue – 3.2V | Red – 4.0V

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Ghost OG, white Rhrino, Ace of spades, BlueDream, London pound cake, skunk OG, Wedding cake, Strawnana, keylime pie, Gelato OG, Banana OG, sour diesel, water mellon OG, pineapple express, strawberry shortcake, sunset sherbet, Tangiea, Apple fritters

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