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Green Apollo Tube

A color filter is inserted into a clear polycarbonate tubes complete with end caps. The fluorescent tube slides inside the sleeve and is ready for installation. The shatter resistant plastic sleeves protect fluorescent fixtures from dust, moisture, and accidental breakage.

The color filters are designed to meet the specific demands of the lighting industry. They are made from a heat resistant polyester material that is highly durable and resistant to punctures and tears. The dye is added through a double coating process that creates an optically clear color that will not scratch. The filters are consistent from batch to batch and provide superior transmission of color.

Filter colors shown are similar in hue, but different density. For accurate color match, refer to Apollo swatchbook.

These tubes are not compatible with High-Output/Temperature bulbs.

Gel Tubes are Available in the Following Sizes

T5 0.5″ x 24″
0.5″ x 36″
0.5″ x 48″
0.5″ x 48″ – UV
12.7 mm x 0.61 m
12.7 mm x 0.91 m
12.7 mm x 1.22 m
12.7 mm x 1.22 m – UV
T8 1″ x 24″
1″ x 36″
1″ x 48″
1″ x 48″ – UV
1″ x 96″
25.4 mm x 0.61 m
25.4 mm x 0.91 m
25.4 mm x 1.22 m
25.4 mm x 1.22 m – UV
25.4 mm x 2.44 m
T12 1.5″ x 48″
1.5″ x 48″ – UV
1.5″ x 96″
38.1 mm x 1.22 m
38.1 mm x 1.22 m – UV
38.1 mm x 2.44 m

Additional Information

Name AP5300 – Apollo Green: T5 Gel Tube – 36″
Condition New
SKU GTB-5300-T5-36

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