moon rocks Kush

Moon Rocks is marijuana it is also called cannabis caviar. This is made of nugget of marijuana dipping it
or spraying with (co2) hash oil. They are made with Girl scout cookies flowers can be made with any
strain . It’s weed strain, not thin Mints. Nuggets are coated and rolled kief. Kief are usually called pollen
or dry sift. Kief covered with cannabis flowers also have sticky crystals. These crystals contain Terpenes
and cannabinoids. Moon rocks variety depends upon who produce and how it made. People loved to
smoke moon rock it’s appealing fragrance and rich taste of kief.
• THC 52%
• CBD 15%
• Indica
• Sativa
Moon Rocks form outside its bud is a dark purple seems like hash and have bright green leaves.
Moon rock are potent. It’s Marijuana smoke
• Grapefruit
• Candyland
• Sweet
• Earthy
• Diesel
• Gunpowder
According to the astronaut
• Hunger
• Sleepiness
• Uplifted mood
• Respiratory issues
• Dry mouth
Medical benefits
• Stress
• Depression
• Pain
• Insomnia
• Lack of appetite
• Headache
• Anxiety
• Prevent Nausea
Safety approval:-
While your using moon rock have a lot of water to hydrated. Start- low like really slow. Chill on
safe place
Medical use:-
• Marijuana moon rock are potent. It affects each person different release stress and depression.
• Marijuana legal in some States just because of its prescription. It’s increase appetite. Reason of
laughter. It’s make mind and body relax
• reduce Anxiety:-provide long lasting Anxiety relief.
• Nausea reduction it’s small amount much helpful for those patients who suffering from nausea.
• Suppressed seizures:- marijuana is much beneficial for seizure patients
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