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Nitro’s Cold Coffee Brew Eliquid Bundle 400ml (4x100ml) Review

If you’re a coffee fiend, the Nitro’s Cold Coffee Brew Eliquid Bundle 400ml (4x100ml) is exactly what you need. This exciting bundle provides you with all four flavors from everyone’s favorite coffee-inspired e liquid brand.

Mix or match any of the following:

Vanilla Bean: A smooth and satisfying vanilla-flavored coffee that comforts the soul. The inhale delivers that vanilla-infused coffee flavor that you crave. The exhale is sweet and creamy.

White Chocolate Mocha: An indulgent coffee flavor that consists of bold espresso, sweet white chocolate syrup and plenty of creamy milk.

Macchiato: Consists of bold espresso, loads of cold milk and a dazzling drizzle of sweet, gooey caramel. Every hit will make your taste buds weep with joy.

Almond Cappuccino: A smooth and nutty coffee flavor that combines aromatic espresso with nutty almond milk and the perfect dose of sugar.

This Nitro’s Cold Coffee Brew bundle allows you to indulge in four decadent coffee-inspired vape juices without all of the caffeine.

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