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Twist Mix Sampler Pack 2x30ml (60ml) 3mg Review

Twist Mix Sampler Pack 2x30ml (60ml) 3mg  is a brand that knows how to satisfy vapers’ cravings. From their intoxicating lemonade flavors and fruity delights, to their stunning takes on the desserts that we grew up indulging in, they really have something for everyone. But, if you wanna really treat yourself to their delicious ejuices, why just settle for one bottle? Thanks to the Twist Mix Sampler Pack 2x30ml (60ml) 3mg, you’re free to pick any two of their beloved treats in order to satisfy your unique palate. And, best of all, you’ll save money while doing so.

Mix or Match:

Golden Coast Lemon Bar: Buttery, zesty and sweet, this lemon bar flavor is just like the way grandma used to make them. A rich and savory shortbread crust is oozing with gooey, tart lemon curd and dusted with loads of powdered sugar. Good luck wiping that drool off of your chin.

Honeydew Melon Chew: A chewy taffy candy is busting at the seams with the cool, crisp taste of fresh honeydew melon. This is the summertime treat that your palate has been begging you for. After each puff, your sweet tooth will be singing your praises.

Honeydew Melon Chew Salt: A delectable honeydew-flavored taffy candy that’s blended with potent nicotine salt to deliver an overall satisfying experience. Sugary, juicy, fruity and crisp, this e-liquid is destined to become your new favorite candy flavor of all time.

Mango Cream Dream: Looking for a tropical escape? Succulent mango slices are slathered in velvety, rich cream in order to give you a taste of paradise no matter where you are. Indulgent and fruity, this e-liquid truly satisfies your cravings as soon as you inhale.

Peach Blossom Lemonade: Freshly squeezed lemonade is infused with floral peach blossoms and a generous helping of freshly juiced Georgia peaches, providing you with a glorious elixir for summertime vaping. Images of summers past will float before your eyes as you savor this rejuvenating blend of seasonal tastes.

Strawberry Mason Lemonade: Sit back on your porch and indulge in this luscious country-inspired beverage that takes a big, cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and infuses it with the exquisite pulp of bright red, perfectly plump strawberries. This e-liquid is so fresh that you’ll taste the sun that ripened those gorgeous seasonal fruits.

Tropical Pucker Punch: A stunning symphony of exotic fruits is turned into a sugary and tangy punch that will wake up every taste bud before obliterating your thirst like nothing else can. You can indulge in this flavor all day long without worrying about that dreaded sugar crash.

Iced Pink Punch: Freshly prepared lemonade is blended with the juices of tart cranberries and juicy strawberries before getting blasted with invigorating, cold ice. If you’re looking to cool down this summer, this vape juice will keep you feeling blissful all season long. Tart, sweet, zesty and refreshing, this flavor won’t let you down.

Pink Punch Lemonade Salt: There’s nothing like a cool, fruity elixir on those hot days of summer. Fresh, zesty lemonade is blended with strawberries and cranberries in order to give it an extra zing. This thirst-quenching treat contains the perfect dose of satisfying nicotine salts to complete the experience.

Pink Punch Lemonade: Lemonade is taken to new heights thanks to a combination of sharp cranberries and tangy strawberries. Each puff excites your taste buds with the brightness of fresh, perfectly ripe fruits. Talk about refreshing!

Chilled Melon Remix: On a summer day, what’s more refreshing than a blend of honeydew, cantaloupe and crisp menthol? Juicy, smooth, sweet and icy, this one checks all of the boxes. If you’re a real melon head, you’ll likely turn this into your all-day vape as soon as you get a taste of those flavorful clouds.

Frosted Sugar Cookie: Mom’s classic sugar cookie is given a remix thanks to the additions of creamy vanilla frosting and sugary, crunchy sprinkles. This is one cookie you can indulge in without feeling any guilt. We’ll be impressed if you can put this one down after first tasting its magical flavor profile.

Watermelon Madness Salt: Satisfy your nicotine needs while soothing your thirst! A big glass of lemonade is refreshing on its own, but this particular one contains the juice of freshly cut watermelon in order to deliver a powerful flavor experience that will instantly bring back your most cherished summertime memories.

Watermelon Madness: If you’re in the need of something refreshing, there’s really no better e-liquid to grab. Succulent watermelon slices are turned into a crisp, juicy pulp and mixed into a big pitcher of lemonade made with the freshest citrus fruit. A scoop of sugar is added to balance out the tartness and make your sweet tooth smile.

Wild Watermelon Lemonade: What makes tart, zesty lemonade even more refreshing? The addition of fresh watermelon juice, of course! Each puff delivers a bright, sweet, sour and smooth flavor that instantly refreshes you and makes you feel like you can beat the heat once and for all.

If your taste buds are craving the stunning flavors from Lemon Twist, get your hands on the Twist Mix Sampler Pack 2x30ml (60ml) 3mg to enjoy double the flavor without breaking the bank. With a combined 60mL of ejuice you’te sure to be vaping satisfied for hours on end.

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